Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program

Flood insurance need__Ruined Blockbuster building in El Paso, Texas. Flood map shows area.

Ruined Blockbuster building in El Paso, Texas. Flood map shows area.

Homeowners Insurance may cover water damage from broken pipes, leaky roof, or a water heater, but does not cover when heavy rains causes flooding. Solution: the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) from FEMA. Cardon Insurance can help you sign up for flood insurance, sometimes for just pennies a day. People in El Paso don’t usually thing of heavy rains, but such an event occurred just a few years age.
This animated graphic will show the cost of possible damage caused by rising ground waters. Flood insurance is something you need to consider if you live in a high risk flood plain, near an arroyo (or on the location of a previous arroyo that was filled in by the developer.

If your lender requires you to purchase flood insurance, see the experts at Cardon Insurance Agency. They will explain your coverage and premium, and give you the courteous customer service you deserve. If you already own the home you live in or live in a flood area, consider the cost of replacing your home and valuables. Flood insurance is there to protect your assets against loss. Not too many years ago El Paso had severe rains for the area. Over a foot in two days in a region generally receiving about 9 inches a year! El Paso was on the news worldwide.
Few people had Flood Insurance then because no one thought that could happen. Nearly everyone had to pay for the water removal and restoration from savings or by borrowing money. FEMA loans were available but some complained that there was lots of paperwork and the interest rates were higher than the bank was offering.

Are you in a high risk flood zone?

Find out if you are in a flood zone by simply typing your address. (Opens in a new window). You may have to zoom in to find the information.

You may also want to look at https://www.floodsmart.gov/floodsmart/ for more information about FEMA and flood insurance

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