Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile Home Insurance protects you against Risk of loss to your manufactured home and personal belongings.

Mobile home insurance

Mobile Home Insurance protects risk of damage to your home and contents

It may not be a palace but a mobile home is still a castle. It keeps you and the family safe and warm and dry. Mobile homes are different in many ways from “stick built” homes. They can be moved from one lot to another. They are built in factories instead of on-site. Instead of a foundation, manufactured homes are built on a chassis like a vehicle. As such people often modify their home to make it “permanent on their own land.

Cardon Insurance Agency understands that you need to protect your investment with mobile home insurance. Such a policy will pay to repair or replace your mobile home in the even it is destroyed by fire. It will also pay for mitigation and restoration if you experience water damage caused by a bursting pipe of faulty appliance.

Your personal belongings

In this country, the average apartment dweller owns $30,000 in personal belongings. As the owner of your own home it is likely you have more. Contents such as clothing, sporting equipment, X-Box, dishes, furniture, appliances, tools, etc. add up. Mobile home insurance ( manufactured home insurance ) covers you against financial loss if these are destroyed, damaged, or stolen. Often your personal property that you carry in the car or take on vacation is also covered.


Mobile home insurance also covers you for liability in the case of a lawsuit. Examples: a friend falls and is injured or the dog bites a neighbor. You don’t want to lose your home in a court judgment. In today’s lawsuit happy society, liability insurance can save your financial future.

Required by lender

If you borrowed money to get your mobile home / manufactured home, insurance is often required. The lender needs assurance that if there is a loss, the loan amount will be covered. However it is unwise to not also cover your own belongings. Make sure your coverage is enough to cover your personal items as well.

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