Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance to protect you and your bike

motorcycle insurance

Protecting you and your bike on and off the road.

Motorcycles are exciting and economical. Motorcycles get people to work, cruise highways with friends, and explore rough terrain. And today over 10 million households own at least one motorcycle. When it comes to motorcycle insurance, here are the four most important coverages you need.

  • Liability Insurance in case you cause an accident. Like auto liability insurance, liability motorcycle insurance covers both damage to property and medical expenses for others. Even though motorcycles seem small compared to cars and trucks, they still cause accidents costing thousands of dollars in damages.
  • Uninsured/Under Insured coverage pays to repair your bike after an accident caused by an uninsured driver. (1 0ut of every driver is uninsured in Texas.)
  • Collision Insurance pays for repairs to your bike after an accident or you fall off and it gets damaged. Comprehensive Insurance pays for additional losses such as vandalism, theft, and fire. Insurance against damage to the motorcycle is required by lenders when you borrow money to purchase your bike. Some policies will pay for custom paint and add-ons.
  • Medical Payment coverage pays for medical bills if you and/or a passenger is injured. Especially helpful when healthcare deductibles are so high.

Ride safely

Cardon Insurance Agency Inc. wants you to stay safe by following these safety tips for motorcycle riders. Majority of fatal accidents involve speeding and/or alcohol. Have fun but use your head…and wear a helmet.

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