Property Insurance

Property Insurance protects your home and belongings against risk and finacial loss.

Property insurance includes Homeowners Insurance, Renters Insurance. There are also policies for mobile homes. Call 915-593-2666 for a free quote, use the convenient contact form, or visit the office at 10105 Montwood Drive in El Paso.

Property insurance for home

Insure home and personal belongings with property insurance

Property insurance covers most risks to the building and personal property. An “open perils” policy covers all losses not excluded in the policy. “Named perils” policy only cover listed perils such as wind, flood, fire, explosions, lightning, vandalism, theft, hail, etc.

In homeowners policies, perils include fire, windstorm, hail, vehicle crashing into the home, water damage caused by a ruptured pipe, etc. Not only is the building covered, but so are the contents. (Contents are personal belongings of the occupants.) Homeowners insurance also carries liability protection in case you are sued by someone hurt on your property.

Mobile home insurance is also available. It is different from policies for homes built on foundations.

Low-cost renters insurance protects against loss of damaged personal items. The average renter owns $30,000 worth of clothing, electronics, furniture, etc.. Sometimes having renters and auto insurance allows discounts. The total monthly expense may be just a few dollars more that the auto policy alone.

Just as Cardon insures both homeowners and renters, they also have policies for landlords of single homes, duplexes and four-plexes. After all, damaged rentals still need restored or re-built after a fire. Such policies cover the rental property from fire but do not cover the tenants personal property.

Flood Insurance by FEMA (National Flood Insurance Program)

Property insurance never covers flooding from “rising ground water”. However lenders often require flood insurance for homes that are in a possible flood area. Cardon Insurance sells flood insurance under the National Flood Insurance Program created by F.E.M.A. Flood maps are available online here.

Have questions about insurance? Call 915-593-2666 or 915-593-7423 for a free quote. Or use the convenient contact form. You can also visit the office at 3229 N. Piedras in El Paso. With nearly 50 years of insurance experience, we can help.